Paved with cold

Things I have found out today about Sofia:
1. One in every 100 pavement slabs is loose. In practical terms, this means that if it is raining, it is impossible to reach your destination without wet feet as the instant that you stand on the edge of any of these tiles, you spray a big puddle of water all over your feet.
2. Pastries that look delicious, and even start off tasting delicious, may contain dubious fillings like the one I had today which I can only assume contained 3 week old cottage cheese with a lot of salt.
3. If you want to buy stamps, the big building with a post office sign is not where you buy them. Nor is the place next door called a post office, with lots of counters. In fact you have to buy them from dubious looking kiosks just outside this room. If you try to buy stamps at the aforementioned venues (especially in dubious Bulgarian), the cashiers get annoyed with you and shout.
4. My house is ‘walking distance’ from the town centre. But it takes 4 hours to walk this distance.


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