Plovdiv: Eccentri-City?

Plovdiv amphitheatre, Bulgaria

Plovdiv amphitheatre. Because they used it for fighting as well as theatre, the first level of seats are higher up than normal for the audience’s safety.

I decided to make the most of our days off by travelling a wee bit so we’ve made it to Plovdiv in southern/central Bulgaria, which is notorious for:

  • Its archaeological ruins
  • Its many beautiful orthodox churches
  • Its artists and galleries
However, has mainly been notable for the mad people here. These have included:
Crazy lady with pigeon, Plovdiv Bulgaria

  • Whoever it was that STOLE the jumper that I dropped when I was running to avoid the massive deluge of rain (which turned the very steep cobbled streets into rivers). Who steals a 10 year old muddy jumper from a puddle? That was the only jumper I brought to Bulgaria, dagnammit. I’m going to be cold.
  • The man who insisted on walking us to his favourite kebab shop to show us what a good deal it was. While it was admittedly very cheap (1 quid for 2 chicken kebabs), the food was also unpalatable.
  • The Spanish-speaking security guard who tried to chat up Remi (who speaks no Spanish) via me, even asking if she wanted to go for coffee tomorrow (with me as translator, naturally)
  • The crazy lady who had caught a pigeon and was walking around the main street laughing hysterically. She then handed the pigeon to a man who walked off with it, and then went back into her fast food booth to serve someone. How hygienic.

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