Wet blanket?

I’m quite adaptable, which is a bonus given my recent decision to up sticks and move to Bulgaria – it means that I can accept the fact that nobody understands tea (it only comes in herbal varieties here) and, in fact, that nobody understands me.

It’s also a bonus when you have to live with 6 other people in a 3 bedroom flat with 1 shower and not enough of anything – chairs, crockery, you name it. Communal living on this scale requires patience, consideration and above all adaptability – a challenge I think I rise to well, as illustrated by my use of the ironing board to dry my clothes when the clothes horse was already full.
But on the subject of wet washing, I’ve been wondering if what I think of as adaptability actually makes me a bit of a wet blanket. You see, some of my other flatmates aren’t quite as accommodating as I am, which led to a major falling out this week. The source of the problem? Unadaptable flatmate (UF) deemed that some of the others were drinking too much. We’re not talking typical Brits Abroad here, just a few bevs in the living room that, to be fair, did get rather noisy. UF thought the behaviour was unacceptable and decided to dish the dirt by sending an email to our sending organisation in England.

It was a pretty stupid thing to do on her part as there wasn’t much they could do about the situation, it caused us all quite a lot of hassle and got everyone’s backs up, but to continue with the puns, I’m sure it will all come out in the wash. However, being around UF for the past couple of weeks has made me wonder whether I’m actually a bit of a pushover. For example, last week she ordered a lasagne and didn’t like it. While I squirmed awkwardly in my seat, she called the waiter over and told him that it was of unacceptable quality and that she refused to pay for it. I know full well that if I was in the same situation, I’d have just eaten it – or maybe just pushed it around my plate – and just made a mental note not to order the same thing next time.

Which makes me wonder – is it positive trait that I accept change so readily, or is it time for me to change?

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