Stop, don’t shoot.

My friend in the UK sent me a link last week to an article about a recent editorial by Bulgarian magazine 12.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling about whether I should write about it at all, because I don’t really want to give the organisation any more publicity, but it really shocked me so I feel that I should.

The editorial contains photographs of models with horrible injuries which suggest that they have been victims of violence. In most of the photographs, you can barely even see the clothing that they are supposedly modelling.

I don’t think that this sort of portrayal of violence is acceptable anywhere. But in a country where it’s estimated that 1 in 4 women have been victims of domestic violence and the United Nations Human Rights Commission has expressed their concern about the low numbers of cases of domestic violence that are actually brought to justice and sanctioned, it is even more important that domestic violence is the subject of sensitive awareness campaigns to prevent the crimes and help the victims, not passed off as fashion.


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2 Responses to Stop, don’t shoot.

  1. Mark Mac says:

    Just discovered your blogging through (the lovely) AK FB post. Really enjoyed catching up with your adventures, sorry about the robbery, but you bounced back well, and in no way have your posts been too despondent since (see this one!!). Keep on interning, its a great living in a foreign land.

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