Thanks for dropping by!

Web hits

I’m astonished to find that just over a month into starting this blog, it’s had over 2000 hits.

I realise that plenty of blogs get that in a day… but I’d say it’s not bad for someone who writes about stray dogs and cheese

Thanks for reading :o)


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One Response to Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Aubree says:

    Hi there! I read your post on Lonely Planet and thought I’d take a look at your blog-I love your writing style, and found your “out of the red” post really funny (although I have to say I’m appalled by all the negative comments you hear just because of the color of your hair-I don’t think it’s as bad over here in my part of the world). I really enjoy your posts, and will continue to read them! I’d love it if and when you get a chance to take a look at mine, as I just started a few days ago and would love some feedback! Thanks, and happy travels!

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