5 Reasons why Bulgaria is like Scotland

Today, conversation at lunch turned to Doctor Who and the fact that David Tennant was a better doctor than the current one. Nothing odd about that, except that I’m in Bulgaria! How on earth do they even know about Doctor Who?!

But on the subject of David Tennant, over the past few weeks I’ve been observing the similarities and differences between Scotland and Bulgaria.

So… here are 5 reasons why Bulgaria is like Scotland:

1. The geography
– both are small countries (Scotland is smaller) that manage to cram in a delightful mix of mountains, coastline and city life.

Gaida player Bulgaria

Bagpipes… also available in Bulgaria

2. They play the bagpipes
– no, really. Bulgaria is one of the only places outside Scotland/Ireland that plays the bagpipes. Or as it’s called here, the gaida.

3. The history
– both countries have a long and bloody history involving tribes, wars and border disputes.

4. Flirty old men
– Men over a certain age in the UK get quite flirty. My top moment was being chatted up in Greggs in Leith. In Bulgaria, the old men are also flirty, although they are less likely to say ‘If I were only 40 years younger…’ and more likely to offer you their number and ask if you want to meet again.

5. They like to eat chips and cheese
– although the cheese is white sirene cheese, not cheddar.

Then again, here are 5 reasons why Bulgaria is not like Scotland:

1. Generosity
– OK, it’s a sterotype that the Scots are tight – but Bulgarians are one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. I can’t even count how many times someone I have just met has insisted on buying me a drink/a coffee/food.

Bulgarian tea

OK seriously now. This isn’t tea.

2. Gingers are not abused
– Ironic, given that Scotland has more of them.

3. Bulgarians don’t drink tea
– And if they do, it’s some kind of herbal number. Not a proper cuppa of Tetley with milk.

4. There’s no place like home… for a dog
– In Scotland, every dog has a home. Even if it is a shelter. In Sofia, the entire city is seen as being like some kind of open air shelter from which you can choose a dog to take home, and return it when you get bored of it.

5. The weather
– Bulgaria has recently experienced a number of ‘dangerously hot‘ days, while Scotland is more likely to wash away.


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