Wherefore art thou?

People in Sofia are a creative bunch.

Street art is one of the ways in which they express their creativity – most notoriously when the bronze figures on the Soviet monument were painted to look like various US pop culture figures and superheroes in 2011.

Graffiti rock dog Sofia Bulgaria

Boring rocks take on a new life in Sofia

I’ve mentioned before that some of the graffiti in Sofia makes me smile… but I suppose what I’ve not made clear is just how much of it there is. Everything from rocks to old police checkpoints in town have been transformed into friendlier objects.  And the creativity doesn’t stop at just graffiti – recently, 6-ti Septemvri was transformed by strings of decorations, a host of painted characters in period dress, a piano and an informative display about the history of the area.

Graffiti artist Sofia Bulgaria

One less ugly grey box in Sofia

But I think my favourite street art has to be the transformation of otherwise dull electrical boxes all across the city. Some have been painted as part of projects organised by the Transformatori Organisation (see the video below). Others are just transformed by inspired individuals who just want to make a corner of Sofia that little bit more beautiful. But no two boxes are the same – and coming across one that I’ve not seen before is guaranteed to make me smile :o)

The great news is that these talented street artists are being encouraged – various competitions are held each year in Sofia, and the Mayor of Sofia even appealed to street artists to paint public bins to make them more attractive.


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3 Responses to Wherefore art thou?

  1. Sinan Awad says:

    Maybe it’s because I don’t walk much, didn’t notice the nice side of Sofia graffiti.
    (Waiting for your impressions about spending New Year’s in Sofia, start typing.. :-D)

  2. sozofia says:

    Take a walk around Graf Ignatiev, 6-ti Septemvri, Rakovski and Tsar Shishman and your eyes will be opened! Sadly I wasn’t in Sofia for new year, otherwise I would have been joining in with watching the president’s speech and singing the national anthem along with everyone else :o)

  3. Sinan Awad says:

    Promise I will make more time for knowing Sofia, and BG in general.
    Maybe you’ll take me for a walk when you’ll have some time?

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