1. If I only had the nerve

Happy New Year / Честита Нова Година!

2013 got off to an interesting start… when I caught the train home at 4am on New Years’ Day, I ended up breaking up a fight between two drunk men in my carriage.

In doing so, I realised how much I’ve changed. At the beginning of 2012, if I’d seen the fight start, I’d have cowered in the corner. But this year, I’ve taken so many risks and been courageous in so many ways that it didn’t occur to me not to pile in and stop the fight. My number 1 brave move in 2012 was the one I referred to in my very first blog post – packing up my flat, packing in my job and moving to Bulgaria. And what an awesome adventure that turned out to be… There have, of course, been ups and downs. The ups have to include:

Sofia Evening Run

Hurrah, not last

  • Having a huge argument with my flatmate, who was insistent that the nonexistent 3A tram came past our house. The argument was resolved when a tram came past going to the depot – ‘ЗА ДЕПО.’ I nearly fell on the floor laughing.
  • Not coming last in the Sofia Evening Run, despite my training regime, involving more banitsas than runs.
  • Coming across a children’s play area called Quicky Land. So, so wrong.
  • The first time I saw Bulgarian leeks. They are MASSIVE.

Some of the downs are probably:

  • The one and only time that I tried boza. Do you know that brown gloopy liquid that is created when you leave lettuce in the fridge too long? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s how boza is made.
  • The moment when a mother arrived to pick up her 7-year-old child from my English class, only to find that the other kids had locked her in a locker. Oops.
  • After getting seriously sunburnt at the Black Sea, being told by a shopkeeper: ‘your face is NOT GOOD.’ Er, thanks.

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