Leaving on a jet plane

View from a plane

Well, I’m off to work on a charity project in Ghana, which means that I won’t be back in Bulgaria until the summer at the earliest. No doubt I will have an African blog, so do track me down there.

If your loyalties lie with Bulgaria (a sensible choice), do follow this blog so that I can let you know when I’m back! In the meantime, let me recommend the following excellent sites, which have the sort of content that I wish I created myself:

  • PhilinSofia for a Welshman’s insightful and amusing perspective on Bulgaria, as well as international news stories.
  • Mark R Milan for photographs of all of the nooks and crannies of Sofia (which are bound to make me homesick).
  • Blazing Bulgaria for a Bulgarian’s insight into the oddities of his own country.
  • Novinite for Bulgarian news stories in English.

До Скоро!

Zo x


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3 Responses to Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Best of luck – you’re certainly getting around, recently! Hope all goes well with the Ghana project, and that you have a great time. Once you’ve settled on a catchy new blog title, please let us all know!

    And thanks for your kind mention and link in your farewell (for now) post.


  2. sozofia says:

    Thanks both :) Hopefully I will survive 6 banitsa-free months unscathed! xx

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