Eats a banitsa

When I lived in Sofia in the summer, I made the most of all the delicious fresh produce that’s on offer here in Bulgaria. I’m ashamed to say that since my return here, my diet has been about 60% made up of different types of banitsa (Bulgarian pastries).

So today I thought I’d make one. I’ve called it the Великобританица*, on account of the fact that I made it.

Баница със сирене


It’s a bit of a mess. But it’s my first attempt. And anyway, according to Wikipedia, “the word “banitsa” is used as a simile for something crumpled, or badly maintained. For example, a police officer can make a remark to someone about letting his or her passport “become like a banitsa”… The same can be said about a very badly crushed car after an accident.”

So it’s SUPPOSED to look like that, alright?



* Velikobritanitsa. A VERY clever play on the words ‘banitsa’ (pastry) and ‘velikobritania’ (Great Britain). Yes, I have now branched into making lame puns in Bulgarian too.


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4 Responses to Eats a banitsa

  1. so are you in bulgaria again? i cant keep up! xxx

  2. Denny says:

    It actually looks pretty good, a real banitsa :) And how was it?

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