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Puns: also available in Bulgaria


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Good krak

I love espresso. I love it for 2 reasons: It’s delicious. I like to pretend that the tiny cup is normal size, and I’m a giant. So imagine my delight when I found out that you can buy espresso from … Continue reading

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How much is that doggy in the window?

I was one bitten by a dog. I’d just arrived on Roatan island in Honduras, and I was merrily walking along the road with another backpacker in search of a hostel when a pack of dogs surrounded us, and one … Continue reading

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Plovdiv: Eccentri-City?

I decided to make the most of our days off by travelling a wee bit so we’ve made it to Plovdiv in southern/central Bulgaria, which is notorious for: Its archaeological ruins Its many beautiful orthodox churches Its artists and galleries … Continue reading

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Аз съм Спартак

Another fact for the day: Spartacus was born in the territory of modern-day Bulgaria. And while we’re on the subject, I think we’re going to tacus-selves to a Spa(r) this weekend. Apparently they are prevalent and cheap here, hurrah!

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M and ms

My parents used to have a gardener called Cyril. They’d felt obliged to take him on because he’d been the gardener for the people who used to live in our house. Unfortunately, a) Cyril was a bit strange and b) … Continue reading

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Paved with cold

Things I have found out today about Sofia: 1. One in every 100 pavement slabs is loose. In practical terms, this means that if it is raining, it is impossible to reach your destination without wet feet as the instant … Continue reading

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